Holy Shipped.

Get it? (What, you don't like bad jokes?)

After an intense two weeks, I managed to ship almost all of the paintings I planned to get done before my holiday break began. I moved a few of them to the new year if clients weren't in need of them before the holidays, but managed to finish 14 of the 17 on my list. Let me just say it wasn't easy, and I'm still working to catch up on the sleep lost while making the final push to get everything out the door before 10 a.m. on Friday morning. (A very real and non-negotiable deadline.)

I shipped my paintings all over the country - to Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Wisconsin and even internationally to Calgary and London. I even had two mamas-to-be stop by to pick up their art in person, which is so wonderful to be able to do for my local clients. I'm so happy people all around the world found my work and commissioned me to create art for their homes.

This is going to sound crazy, but I used every spare minute I had to get the paintings done, packed up and shipped, so I didn't take the extra time to photograph ANY of them. That's not true, I did manage to photograph ONE of them, which I'll share with you guys soon! So... if you were one of my clients, please send me photos of your art once it's hung! I'm dying to see how it looks in your homes.

Now, off to build my business plan for 2012.

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