Hoppy Spring (pun!).

Easter7 Who doesn't love a bad pun to welcome a new season? I usually think of Easter as the marker of our transition from winter to spring. Typically, most of the snow would have melted and egg hunts could be held in still barren, but slightly defrosted yards. This year, notsomuch - the egg hunt will be an indoor event.

Despite that slight alteration in plans, we'll still have the usual bunny cake, jelly beans, Peeps and brunch with the whole family. I'm sure there are a million amazing and creative ideas on Pinterest to make celebrating Easter super-complicated and perfectly styled (or just a complete homemade disaster), but we are keeping it real and just want to keep the kids entertained. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Pinterest, but sometimes there's no need to create anything beyond fun memories.



Easter3 Easter8

There have been a lot of family posts lately, but I promise to get back to posting about fun creative projects, decorating updates and other art and kid stuff. For now, you'll just have to suffer through the cute photos of my kids.

Have a happy happy Easter and splendid early spring.