I'm Loving Stitch Fix.

My Fix There are times when I absolutely love shopping for clothes for myself. Those times usually involve a latte with a girlfriend, an entire free afternoon and maybe even a glass of wine. They definitely DO NOT include babies, kids, strollers or meltdowns. Since most of my days are spent with the latter of those lists, shopping for myself falls off my list of "enjoyable activities." When I heard about Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service,  knew I had to give it a try.

Founded and run by Katrina Lake, an entrepreneur on the Bay Area, the service aims to deliver fashion-forward and flexible pieces that suit each person's unique style. All without having to enter a store. By filling out a profile with info about my likes, dislikes and lifestyle then linking up to my Pinterest style board, I was able to loosely guide what I wanted the stylists to pick for my "fix."

I'm impressed that my stylist - and, no doubt, the powerful Stitch Fix algorithm - picked up on my love for stripes, girly dresses and polka dots.

The Keepers600

I really liked everything in my box, but a couple of things weren't very flattering (Hello, empire waists on a body still trying to lose 15 pounds of baby weight? Not hot.) so I ended up keeping two of the five items in my shipment. The first was an adorable tie-waist polka dot button down. Perfect for summer, nursing friendly and totally cute when I tried it on. The other piece I kept was the sweet patterned dress in a soft buttery yellow. I wouldn't have picked this off the rack, but when I tried it on I fell in love! So cute, totally versatile and my husband loved it. (Yay, a new date night dress!)

I also really liked this bracelet, but I have something similar already and decided to send it back. I'm sort of wishing I would have kept it now, though, since it's pretty cute.

Style card

Each item comes with its own little styling card to help decide how to wear the clothing. I love this part! The pieces they choose to style the fix items are definitely staples that you'd already have in your closet (at least I had most of them in mine). If I tap into the organized side of my brain I'd probably stick these little cards in a binder or notebook for quick reference when I'm getting dressed in the morning or for a night out.

I have a few friends who jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon along with me - one was 100% over the moon with her shipment, another was only so-so on what she was sent. I think the more specific you can be about your style and sizing, along with providing a visual reference for your taste the better your fix will be.

If you want to get your own fix, click here to get started.

(This is not a sponsored post. I am sharing my experience and all opinions are my own! If you use my referral link, I get a $25 credit after you order your first fix.)