In The Studio: Patterns.

One of the projects I've been working on lately involves a lot of graphic, repeat patterns. I've been playing with this lovely fresh color palette that wavers between sweet and feminine and classically modern. I'm actually using a lot of these colors in my own home right now, and you can even see them reflected in my studio mood board from earlier this summer.

What's interesting about all these patterns is that they started with a sketch and were first painted before any computer program touched them. I really wanted to maintain my "handmade" line qualities for all of the shapes, however geometric they may be. (Even the stripes have slightly wiggly edges that reflect the imperfections of my painting.) The floral pattern was actually inspired by vintage pressed flowers and is definitely one of my favorites.

It's been a really fun exploration of surface design and I've loved seeing these patterns applied to different types of products. What do you think about the colors? The designs? What kind of things could you see them being used for?