Inspiration in the City.

This week qualified as very "normal." Maybe a little busier than usual since my family was preparing for a trip, but we definitely did all of our typical activities in the typical places at the typical times, so this is actually a good representation of things that I'd been happy to ignore until I set out on my "Project Inspiration." (And to be even more true to life, I decided to use my iPhone to take all the pictures.) I've never noticed this colorful wooden maze at the pool we go to for swimming lessons.

And I've  never really looked into the windows on the buildings at Chrissy Field. Check out that vibrant yellow tube and random, yet seemingly perfectly placed pattern on the window panes.

And I've been happy to walk past blocks and blocks of houses without noticing the lettering and design of the house numbers.

But the thing that really struck me this week was the expansive gray sky. We didn't get much sun this week, so the clouds loomed overhead, creating a cold wet blanket with hues of pink, gray and blue.

Perhaps it was just an attempt to find the beauty in the city as I sat shivering and wishing the sun would just poke through for a minute, but the more I look at these pictures, the more color I see and the more I feel like I might just make it through the cold, foggy summer. Or maybe I think that because in about 10 hours I'll be on a plane to a place that gets a REAL know, one with mosquitoes and warm nights spent sipping sweaty cans of Miller Lite.

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