Is It Already June?

According to my iCal it is already June. I'm having a hard time believing it, but I guess that's been true for me every June I've spent in San Francisco, where it appears (after four years of observation) that I can no longer rely on a change in weather to mark the beginning of summer. In other places I've lived, you know it's June because it gets all hot and humid and sunny and glorious. In SF this simply isn't the case - the weather the same as it was in February. Because of this, I'll just have to trust my iCal and accept that May just FLEW by and we're now into a new month. Beyond rambling (complaining) aimlessly about the weather, I've also been spending a lot of time in my happy place these days - creating art, writing about stuff and staying up way too late doing both. The staying up late part is sort of catching up with me, though, so today I thought I better just post a few quick pics of what I've been working on in my studio (erm, dining room, yeah, that's a project that needs to happen p.d.q.).

Happy Friday!

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