It's Official: I'm a Business Lady.

When I'm expecting something in the mail, I get all anxious right around 11:55 a.m. the day I anticipate it's going to arrive. (I'm like Pavlov's dogs, folks. After noticing the consistency my mailman has a few months ago, I now know when to expect his deliveries - he shows up within two minutes on either side of noon EVERY DAY. How does he do it?!) Anyway, today I was expecting a small package to arrive, and did it ever. I got my new business cards in the mail from, and they are pretty incredible. I wanted to get a set of cards so when I talk about my business I have something physical to share with people. It's easy enough to tell someone the web address or company name and even describe the kind of work I'm doing, but lately I've really wanted to be able to simply hand them a card that SHOWS them what I'm doing and gives them a chance to check it out on their own time. I suppose I could easily just text or email my info to people, but there's something about a bit of paper that is exchanged in person that feels a little bit nicer...that says a little bit more about my work and me. And after hearing about from a few friends who have used their services in the past, I decided to go for it.

The cards arrived in a compact padded envelope, enclosed in these totally functional little black boxes.

Moo has a pretty cool system to create custom business cards that allows you to either use one of their designs with your info, upload your photos into their template or use your own unique design for both the front and back of the cards.

I went with the pseudo-customized option, using my own photos for the back of the cards and customizing the front with my log and info.The coolest part about the cards is that I could choose 50 different images on the backs of the cards (FIFTY!), so each card in the pack could have a different image on it. I picked nine of my favorite artwork images and got an equal quantity of each.

The quality is really great - the texture of the cards is a satiny smooth, matte finish, the paper stock is nice and thick and the colors are rich and sharp.

Moo has other products as well - mini cards, greeting cards, labels, stickers, even logo design. It was a totally seamless experience and I highly recommend the site if you have any type of cards or labels that you'd like to have produced.

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