Learning and Growing.

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There are a lot of things I don't know. Most things, in fact. But I'm a curious person and a relatively quick study, so when there's something I'm keen to learn how to do, I usually just find a way to learn how to do it. (Like when I learned how to screen print, yeah!)

I currently have a very long list of things I'm hoping to learn as quickly as possible, but I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time right now - bird by bird, you know? The problem I have right now is that my schedule doesn't allow for taking classes outside of the home, and pretty much anything that requires longer than 30 consecutive minutes is out. Basically, I just have to be able to learn things on my own time and in my own space.

When I discovered Skillshare, it was like striking gold. It's a site that brings people who know things together with people who want to know those things. There are courses for everything from audio mixing, designing websites, hand-lettering, HTML basics (and not-so-basics), Adobe Creative Suite programs, business courses and pretty much anything in between... even making meatballs. Most classes are just $20, so even if you walk away feeling like you didn't learn much, you've probably only spent a few hours and the cost of a few lattes on it. Totally worth the risk in my mind.

I wish I could remember who tipped me off to Skillshare, but I can't, so the best I can do is pay it forward and hope that it's something that comes in handy for some of you too.


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