Mama Likes: Her New Baggu Backpack.

Oooh la la, Mama got a new bag. I guess I've always been a backpack person (versus, say, a messenger bag person). After going through mandatory scoliosis testing as a teenager, fearing a report of even the most subtle curve of the spine, then having the school nurse tell every budding young woman that carrying her bag over one shoulder would most certainly result in a hunchback, I most certainly chose a practical, two-shoulder rucksack to carry my heavy loads. This scare tactic worked on me throughout my teenage years and early twenties, then got me through college, where my wise choices left me with a spine that is straight as an arrow.

Then I moved to New York City, where carrying that oh-so-practical Jansport backpack didn't really, I don't know, work. I was wearing freakin' 4 inch heels for goodness' sake, even the most stylish young woman couldn't pull THAT off! (Who am I kidding, I was Midwestern Chic at best, hardly a Manhattan Fashionista. But the backpack? Still not working for me.) I urgently switched from my practical backpack to a more appropriate shoulder bag - maybe it was even a large purse of some sort. I diligently switched my bag from one shoulder to the other throughout my commute, ensuring an even distribution of weight (that nurse's warning of curving my spine ringing loudly in my ears every day). The switch from a backpack seemed a permanent one as I schlepped my life in varying shoulder bags across all the amazing cities I lived.

Now, after 15 months of lugging around a big ol' messenger style diaper bag in San Francisco, I am making the conversion back to my trusty old rucksack. I have been thinking about the switch for a while now, and my search for something that would work for me has come to a close. Baggu to the rescue. My new backpack is made of recycled cotton canvas in a lovely shade of dark blue, has one big pocket (that I use zipper bags inside of to stay organized) and a little pocket perfect for my phone. And I paid just $25 for it on sale at one of my favorite local shops, Seedstore.

If the straight up simple cotton bag doesn't cut it for you, I also came across some other great (albeit pricier) options in my search for the perfect new backpack.

Here's an adorable one from Petunia Pickle Bottom for around $175. PPB offers a wide variety of prints, all quite lovely, and my mama friends tell me these diaper bags are super functional as well.


And here's the super-simple, yet totally practical Skip Hop Backpack Diaper Bag for about $70 on Amazon.


And man-a-living, if money grew on trees, this baby would be riding on my back yesterday. Badgley Mischka Canvas Backpack for $295.