Mind-Blowing Website Updates! (Okay, Maybe Just 'Website Updates.')

I have so much to share on the blog this week - sewing projects (eek!), art in progress, other random cool stuff - but first I wanted to introduce you guys to a couple of updates to the Senn & Sons website. First, I've updated the Shop page to include a ton more information about commissioning custom paintings. I wanted to be sure that as much info as possible would be available right there for people who were interested in having art specially created for their rooms. Before now, I didn't have any images of my art on the site, so this seemed like the perfect place to add a collage of my current paintings. (Maybe someday I'll add a Gallery section to the site, what do you think?) I still link right to my Etsy shop which is continuing to operate as usual and will continue to grow as I finish more paintings and try out new techniques for products.

I also had the pleasure of working with Brooke Bryand, photographer extraordinaire, to take some new photos of myself for the About section. Let's just say that it's no small feat making me un-dorky in pictures, and she went way above and beyond. I'm the girl who's ALWAYS talking, especially when photos are being taken (nervous laughter, mindless chattering, etc.), so photos of me usually include facial contortions and Jim Carrey-like expressions. But Brooke is a P.R.O. Top-notch talent. And she managed to capture more than a few killer shots for me to use on the site. Gotta heart a girl who can do that, right?

She also managed to snag this adorable shot with my sweet little man after our session was over. Cue the "Aaawwwwws."

So, check out the new About and Shop pages and let me know what you think.

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