Mission: Green Week.

Maybe it’s the constant news reports about dangerous chemicals in just about everything. Maybe it’s watching garbage trucks haul away our overflowing bins every week. Or maybe it’s just an instinct to create a safe, healthy home for my family. Whatever the reason for my not-exactly-new but suddenly-more-intense desire to go green, I declare this Green Week here at Senn & Sons.

Don’t worry, no one’s going to chain themselves to a tree. You won’t read about grand, sweeping life changes, because for me those never last. Instead, it's about changing the little things in my daily routine. It's about improving my own health and hopefully reducing my impact on the planet in the process. It's about good choices and making responsible decisions that will be easy to maintain and better for my family.

Simple decisions, too. Like looking at my beauty routine and making sure the products I use every day aren’t doing more harm than good.

And in the kitchen? That's a good place to make a few changes. I'm already in a city that requires us to compost and recycle, but there are a lot of non-required decisions I can make here too.

Cleaning supplies – I’ll take a look at those, too. A clean home is supposed to be a healthy home, but sometimes chemicals get in the way of that.

I'm especially keen to get some advice on how to create a green nursery. I've reached out to some experts and learned a lot about products that are safe for the little ones. Together, we've even developed an amazing nursery design that incorporates all natural, eco-friendly materials without sacrificing style in the process.

Beauty, kitchen, cleaning and nursery – that’s the plan for Green Week. No one goes green overnight. But a whole week? Maybe that seems a little more do-able.

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