MPLS: Oh Baby!

While shopping for a gift over the weekend, the hubs and I stumbled upon a little shop called Oh Baby! in, of all places, a shopping mall in Edina, Minnesota. I was unprepared for the level of whimsy and cuteness, so I had to rely on my iPhone (again) for photos. Hopefully if you're in the Minneapolis area you have a chance to stop by to see it in person. They've been around for about 17 years according to the women working in the shop, so I'm sure they'll be around and filling their store with adorable kids things for many years to come.

Everything from the cash wrap to the displays felt whimsical and handcrafted, like Grandma came over with a tub filled with fabric scraps, yarn and a hot glue a good way.

The shop even had a little design center set up in the back to help mamas (and dads)-to-be design the perfect space for their little ones. Everything from fabric swatches to books filled with furniture, accessories and inspiration filled their shelves.

Nicely done, Oh, Baby! What a happy surprise.

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