New Goodies, Oh Boy!

I really wanted to do some paintings with pink - dang, I love pink. Light pink, dark pink, bright pink, coral pink...yeah, I'm a fan. So it shocked me when I looked at my Etsy shop and there wasn't a drop of pink. That changed yesterday when I listed this adorable Leaping Frog set. The fuchsia/magenta (who knows the difference?) is totally hot, while the gray and deep turquoise feel oh so right alongside it. Expect to see more pink, folks, I'm addicted.

I'm also experimenting with sizes for the panels, and my first 11 x 14" series went up too. It looks so good as the feature artwork in a room, it's a perfect size for above the crib or bed, but not so huge that it wouldn't fit on a smaller wall too. I've got an even larger size up my sleeve too, which looks suh-weet! Check it out: Paper Airplanes.