New Work: Modern Americana.

My husband thinks it's kind of weird, but still kind of cool, that I wanted to turn some old redwood floorboards into a piece of artwork.

I'm not going to say it was easy, but it was actually a completely fun process to go through. I guess when I get something in my head, I have to figure out a way to make it happen - even if that means employing cheap (free!) child labor.

From stripping the many layers of paint off this gorgeous, rich redwood to sanding it down and linking the planks together to form canvases, every step of the process was exciting and sort of unknown. We didn't know if the layers of paint would easily come off. We didn't know if it would look good to leave some of the old paint on the boards to add character to the piece. We didn't know if hand-distressing painted floorboards would feel authentic or schlocky.

Now, I'm not saying this was all done completely uninformed. There was plenty of research and testing that went into the process before putting non-toxic paint stripper to wood, but overall, it definitely was a learn-as-you-go experience. I just kept referring back to what I wanted to create - it was in my head - and knew what I needed to do to make it happen.

The project started out as an idea I had after putting together this Modern Americana mood board based on the brief I got from my client, then it moved into a full-blown concept and finally,  a finished piece. I stressed the details. I took my time. And I am really happy with how everything turned out. It's so different from my other work, yet somehow fits right in.

What do you think?


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