Not-So-Secret Stash.

I guess it's probably good for the environment and all that, but I ordered a bunch of these reusable sandwich bags from the Waste Not Saks Etsy shop because they're stinkin' adorable. I love the fabric choices, they are really well made, easy to clean and so far have kept everything from cheddar bunnies to sliced grapes secure inside the diaper bag. I thought, perhaps, that I could make the snacks inside these cute little baggies kind of like a "secret stash" for when my little guy got hungry at the playground, but he (as they all do) got wise to my tricks almost immediately. I'm constantly catching him digging through the diaper bag trying to find these colorful bags full of goodies, and he knows when I pull one of them out he's in for a real treat. I'll be in real trouble when he figures out how to open the super-strong velcro closure!

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