Pinterest Challenge: Lampshade Makeover.

Somehow I managed to find not one, not two, but THREE projects to work on for the fall Pinterest Challenge. I suppose I could have limited myself to just one, but I didn't know if any of them would turn out well, so I definitely picked projects that were quick, easy and cheap to hedge my bets. Turns out all three projects are worthy of sharing. The first one was my chalkboard pantry doors, which have already proven to be a great addition to my kitchen and the perfect place to jot down notes to myself or the grocery list. The next project was giving the lamps in our bedroom a little makeover. Actually, just dressing them up a bit to make them less boring.

pinned a tutorial for how to cover lampshades in fabric and thought this would be a great solution for making my lamps a little less dull. (Find the full tutorial here, which I followed precisely.)

I used a burlap-like fabric that I've had for months and a couple yards of black grosgrain ribbon to complete my lampshade makeover. The tutorial is perfect and I was able to follow the instructions easily. It took me about two hours all in to complete one lampshade (one good solid nap time).

What I will say is that the fabric I used wasn't the easiest to work with. The loose weave made it hard to "stretch," and it didn't exactly fold over nicely when I needed it to. I was able to make it work, though (Tim Gunn would be impressed). It's not perfect, but I definitely love how it looks. What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll share my third project, a super simple garbage can makeover. (Oh yes, I made over my garbage can.)

Note, 11/7/11: Check out my garbage can makeover here.

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