Portrait of an Artist by Thomas Kuoh Photography.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a friend who's working on a really cool project photographing artists in their studios. Thomas Kuoh is an incredible photographer in the Bay Area and has embarked on a number of personal creative projects outside is commercial work and asked me to be a part of his "Portrait of an Artist" series. Although I'm nine months pregnant and my studio is just a room in my home (that should have been the new baby's room!), his work is too good and the shoot sounded too fun to pass up. What an honor to be included in this series along with so many other amazing artists.

These photos are just a few of the great shots Thomas got. Check out his post here for more!

Asking my son to be a part of the shoot as well was such a brilliant idea! It's a true representation of how I work and what I'm inspired by - his activities and interests, the toys, his free spirit and overwhelming creativity. Both of my littles got to be a part of this and I couldn't be happier.

After getting a bunch of shots in my studio, Thomas took a little journey around my place to photograph some of the "details." I was so curious to see which elements he'd be drawn to as a photographer and I just love the little things he picked up within my home - most of which I don't even think twice about and weren't "styled" in any way.

Thank you, Thomas, for taking these beautiful shots of us and our space!

(My full Portrait of an Artist post can be found here and you can see all the others here.)

Be sure to check out more of Thomas's Work: Commercial Photography, Personal Projects & Blog. He's a true talent with a gorgeous little family who we've be friends with since our first babies were born.