Probably the Coolest Gift You Could Ever Give.

I'm in the process of making a few sets of paintings for people to give to their friends as gifts, mostly for baby showers. Having the chance to create new themes, develop color palettes that are unique, and working hard to make a piece that someone is proud to give as a gift for a mama-to-be makes me feel pretty lucky. (I know how much thought goes into creating a special nursery for little ones, so it's cool to be a part of making it even more special.) But I've run into a couple of deadlines I knew I couldn't meet - the showers were coming up too quickly for me to develop designs, color palettes, produce the artwork and get it shipped before the event. To help ensure my clients wouldn't show up at their parties empty-handed, I came up with a little something for them to give as a gift before the actual paintings have been completed.

It's nothing crazy, just a little card that says, "Congratulations! A custom piece of artwork is being created just for your and your little one." My clients can fill in the "to" and "from" sections, close the petals and seal them with the sticker I include with the card. I also throw in one of my business cards in case the gift-giver wants to include it for his or her giftee. (It can help show what kind of work they'll be getting as a gift.)

Voila, it's a little gift, totally ready to party. Then, when the paintings are complete, I can ship them directly to the gift recipient.

What do you guys think, is this a good way to handle this type of situation?

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