Product Photo Shoot + New Prints.

There's a ton of new stuff *just about* ready to be listed in the Senn & Sons shop in the next week or so, but I first wanted to share some tidbits from my mini photo shoot from earlier this week.

I set myself up in my dining room, which has decent natural light (although from only one side) and a white wall (although it's actually not a "wall," it's the molding that reaches up about 6+ feet on the wall). Perhaps someday I'll be doing full-scale product shoots with professional photographers in perfectly lit studios, but for now, my "micro-business" has a different kind of budget for product photography and I make the most of what I have!

I pull out some props like toys, books and buntings I've either made or found on Etsy, mini clothespins, twine and string, thumb tacks, duct tape... pretty much anything that might come in handy as I set up my shots.

It's important to me to create some consistency across all the listings, so I like to shoot on the same background and with similar propping for each different design. But I also like to leave room for a bit of variation and creativity too. For that part, I just play around with colors, combinations, materials and angles to be sure I'm making my prints look the best they possibly can.

There's still a bit of work that needs to be done to get the listings up in the shop, but here's a little peek at what's coming over the next week.

Check out the new listings here. More to come as soon as I get these images processed!