Project Inspiration.

Now that the sun (finally) came out this summer to warm us up and lift our spirits, I'm going to take this week to work on a little inspiration project. I leave for a long-overdue vacation on Friday morning, so I know that I'll be busy this week putting finishing touches on paintings for a few clients, shipping some things, doing some catch-up paperwork and preparing for the trip (which mostly includes digging past my warm sweaters into the depths of my closet to find warm-weather clothes). I won't have much time for actually creating anything new, but I definitely have time to simply open my eyes a little wider to experience the world around me.

My project for this week is simple:

1. Step away from the internet. I want to open my eyes to inspiration that comes from REAL LIFE.

2. Find inspiration. (Things I find beautiful, clever, creative, out of control, doable, un-doable, edible or not.)

3. Capture it, somehow, in any way I choose... photo, sketch, note, video, memory, etc. (I like leaving this open-ended so I have permission to buy something, if that something is buyable.)

Some inspiration from last week: A garage painted red, creating an amazing repetitive graphic effect and a painting tucked away in a corner at the de Young (can't remember the artist, sorry).

Every day must produce at least one inspirational "thing," and at the end of the week, I'll share my collection and thoughts about my experience from the week of opening my eyes.

Once I return to the internet, I'll probably post all my inspiration to Pinterest, how about that? Maybe someone will be inspired by my inspiration, how meta.

Feel free to join me in my search for inspiration, I'd love to see what you find.

If you like this post or just want to say "hi," don't be shy, leave a comment below.

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