Say Hi to Freddie.

Please welcome little Freddie to this world! He arrived the morning of Monday, October 8th with much fanfare and excitement. He's a sweet, calm and patient baby with full lips, observant eyes and a head covered with a soft layer of dark brown hair.

Freddie's full name is Frederick Michael, after his grandfathers - though the name Frederick actually reaches back four generations, to my husband's great-grandfather. We discovered just after naming Freddie that he shares a birthday with his own great-grandfather who would have turned 99 years old on the day our little man was born.

Big brother Hugo is beyond overjoyed with the newest addition to our family. He insists on holding his baby brother any chance he gets and Freddie certainly doesn't complain about getting endless cuddles from his handsome big brother. We anticipate there will still be some adjustment that goes along with all this change, but we'll take the unconditional, overwhelming love for as long as it lasts.

Oh, and Freddie's parents are doing well too. We are abundantly thankful for being blessed with another healthy baby boy.

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