Senn & Sons Anniversary, In Three (Now Two) Parts. Part 2: What Happened in One Year + What’s Next.

Okay, so I kinda slacked on getting my second and third anniversary posts written, but I still wanted to capture a few things that I thought might be fun to recap. I also want let you guys know about what’s coming up for Senn & Sons in the coming months. What was:

The first year of business was a huge, and massively surprising, success. To me, anyway. I painted more than 65 original triptychs, most of them custom commissions… to be honest, there are a handful of sets that still live in my studio since I’m not 100% happy with how they turned out. Call it quality control.

The blog went from 0 to 122 posts. That’s a lot, but I hope to do even more in the coming year. At first I was worried that I’d run out of things to say, but, true to my personality, that’s never been a problem.

Some of the best moments of the year were the unexpected ones. The incredible women at Sprout San Francisco started to sell my paintings, and then, happily, opened up a second store in NYC, making Senn & Sons bicoastal! Another great twist of fate was when a friend opened her own printmaking studio and gallery, and somehow still found time to teach me about screen-printing. You can definitely expect to be hearing where that heads in the coming months.

Getting the word out was also important to me, and the Birth & Baby Fair at Fort Mason here in San Francisco opened up the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. I loved being able to meet clients and others who were interested in my work face to face. Hopefully more opportunities to do that come along, even if it means meeting and talking to people through Facebook, Twitter and blog comments.

What’s to come:

So that’s the first year of business, but what’s even more exciting to look forward to the year to come. I’ve got new products up my sleeve just itching to be released into the world. Stuff that’s going to make my artwork a bit more accessible to a lot more people. I’ve found some great partners to help me make it all happen. Along with that, is getting a MASSIVE redesign! I can’t wait to write more about this process, but I want to keep some things a surprise.

I gotta admit that I’m jumping-out-of-my-seat excited about what all these steps mean for me and Senn & Sons. I’ve got new designs brewing, photo shoots being planned and a seriously talented designer in Minneapolis working on my website. So, here we go on Year 2. With a little luck, there’ll be no sophomore slump for Senn & Sons.

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