Senn & Sons is adding a SON!

I've been working on something pretty special over the last five months, as evidenced by my growing midsection in the photos above. My little family is going to welcome another little boy this coming fall! (October 5th is the due date for those of you keeping track.)

Some people have pointed out the “risk” I took naming my business Senn & Sons – you know, having just ONE son at the time. I guess I always just thought of it as a pretty fair gamble. Sure, I might have to explain to my daughter why my business was named after the multiple sons I never had. But I'm a sucker for alliteration. In that sense, it’s quite fortuitous for Senn & Sons that this sweet little baby is, in fact, another son.

With the business name solidified by the addition of another Son to the Senn family, I'm gearing up for a busy summer preparing it (and myself) for a very eventful autumn. A very, very eventful autumn.