Senn & Sons: The Movie.

I know that a lot of good things come from drinking margaritas with my girlfriends, but I never would have guessed that something THIS amazing would have happened.

Being able to collaborate with two of my dearest (and also insanely talented) friends on this short film for Senn & Sons was such an incredible gift.

The ringleader of the whole project is Maribeth Romslo – photographer and filmmaker extraordinaire. Her company Hello Sunshine Films is taking off, naturally, with her clever storytelling abilities and eye for gorgeous visuals.

She created the most wonderful piece that perfectly captures what I do and why I do it, from the inspiration for my designs through the entire process of creating prints.

But really, what more is there to say? This book’s already been made into a movie.

(Oh, there's one more thing. THANK YOU for making this beautiful film, Mari!)