Seven Months. (And Eight Months Too.)

FREDDIE 7 MONTHS When I looked at my calendar and realized it's now July, I also remembered that I hadn't yet taken Freddie's eight month photos. And then I quickly realized I was actually TWO months behind in my monthly posts. Somehow, when life happens, these fun little projects get tossed to the wayside to make room for splashing in a kiddie pool, taking pontoon rides, going for bike rides, eating grass (and getting caught), sharing popsicles, going to baseball games and getting mosquito bites.

Well, I'm going to finish the year strong and commit to hitting months nine, ten, eleven and twelve right on time. I'll thank myself later.


At nearly nine months old now, Freddie has four teeth (each of which we worked terribly hard as a family to receive, sacrificing sleep and sanity as they emerged). He eats pretty much whatever is put in front of him and shows us every day that he's not going to get pushed around by his big brother. He insists on standing up now. More often than not he's got a big open-mouthed smile on his face, flashing those big front teeth to the world.


Hugo does his very best to teach Freddie how the world works - especially that he's the boss. That floppy, blond mess is what we call the "hair curtain." We remind him constantly to open up the curtains so we can see  his eyes (and presumably he can see out from behind it). He insists that cutting his hair is a bad idea. These guys are buds. I love watching them together, it's the best part of my job.




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