Sick of Being Sick.

It all started with my little guy getting a touch of the flu. That turned into a little cold. That turned into a BIG cold when it reached me. I've been flat-out SICK for a week now, and  I'm struggling to keep up with everything...including the blog. I usually try to use nap times for projects and work, but this week, well, nap times have only been useful for taking naps. I don't really like taking medicine, so I usually just stick to natural and old school remedies to help ease my symptoms. (Sure, when things get really nasty, I'll had to the doc to get a Z-Pak, but I'm not a fan of OTC cold meds.)

I rub a little Watkins natural Vapor Rub (it's a petroleum-free version of Vicks Vaporub) on my chest and cover it with a warm  wash cloth for a couple of minutes to help make breathing a little easier. To help clear out sinuses, I'll use a neti pot with warm saline water. (Just be sure to use distilled water to avoid the brain-eating amoeba.) After that, I just curl up with a warm blanket and nice mug of herbal tea with honey and lemon.

Do you guys have any go-to cold remedies?

1. J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor Vapor Rub, 2. Neti Pot, 3. IKEA Henny Blanket, 4. Honey, 5. Herbal Tea