Sleeping Like a Baby.

I posted the other day that I was on the baby countdown and had been spending a lot of time getting things organized for the imminent arrival of our son. Because he's our second child (and second boy) there really wasn't much to do to prepare except to pull stuff out of storage and decide where to put everything. Naturally, I procrastinated on almost everything on the list and have just finished up most of the things I wanted to do!

First things first - where is this baby going to sleep? Since fresh babies like to wake up a lot throughout the night, we decided the best place for him to sleep would be in our room. We borrowed a co-sleeper from friends (thanks, guys!) and it fits perfectly tucked next to our bed, so we'll have an easy time responding to all those nighttime wakings. It's a cute little nest for our little man, and hopefully being close to mommy will help him sleep well and adjust to his new big world.

(Keep in mind we'll take the little "friends" out of the co-sleeper for safety when baby boy is in it.)

Let's just tick that box off the to-do list to make it official.

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