So Long, Little Brown Box.

And she's off! The first official Senn & Sons package has shipped and I only hope the lovely recipient  (along with her adorable son) absolutely loves the paintings.

From a buyer's perspective, the only one I've ever known until now, the Etsy experience is spectacular. You order from individuals - from people who working with their hands to create special, usually one-of-a-kind things - and when the package arrives in the mail, it's almost like getting a handmade present from your grandma that almost always includes a little special treat. The sellers tend to hand write "thank you" cards and often have adorable packaging to go along with the adorable treasures inside the package.

Thinking about how I wanted my paintings to be packaged and shipped has been one of my favorite things about starting the shop. The obvious first step was to figure out the most secure way to ensure that the paintings wouldn't get damaged in transit (what a bummer to spend hours painting the canvases, package them up all cute and have them arrive in tatters). So that, for me, was top priority. Then I got to thinking about how to make the package feel special. Like a gift. So, using my handy Senn & Sons stamp, I created a little notecard with a personal note to the buyer (did I mention how lovely she is?), covered my bubble-wrapped paintings in white tissue paper and stuck a little S&S sticker on the tissue. I was pretty happy with how things looked before I taped it all up to make the journey to a new home.

I still want to create some business cards & design a nice receipt page to include in the packages, but for now, I'm really excited to use the stickers and stamp whenever I can. And those things are really nothing without the freakin' awesome logo design - which I'll write a little something about soon. Let's just start by saying that Kele D. is pure. design. genius. Now let's just hope that all that bubble wrap keeps those paintings safe.