Sometimes Cagney Needs Lacey.

It's official: I freakin' love doing custom paintings. There's something about collaborating with another person (or people) that makes everything just a bit more exciting. From throwing out new ideas and having them met with open arms to being stumped by a theme and finally figuring out something that is just right totally makes my week. That hasn't always been the case. Throughout my school and college years, I passionately dreaded group projects. The thought of having to compromise or follow someone else's lead really didn't work for me back then.

But this...this is different. This time, I get to choose the projects. And this time, maybe even more importantly, I get to choose my collaborators.

Point being, I just finished a series of paintings that is really fun, and it turned out great because I was inspired by a friend who asked me to make some art for her daughter. Together, we came up with a color scheme and design based on the room's wall color, bedding and other decorations. And while I'm certainly biased, I think we have a winner.

These photos aren't taken in the home where the paintings will be living, so you won't yet see how completely awesome they're going to look against the pale celery colored walls, but you get the idea. Don't they just make you want to make a wish? I wish for more great projects with more great collaborators.

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