Studio Revamp: Mood Board.

Senn & Sons // Studio Inspiration
Senn & Sons // Studio Inspiration


It's official, I need a studio revamp. The storage situation is pretty dire in my current space and the lighting leaves a lot to be desired. I'll post before pictures later this week, but you'll see how I've let my workspace get a little out of control - I take full responsibility for the disaster.

One of the reasons it's gotten a bit messy is because I do a lot of different things in my studio. I sketch, paint, scan, design, print, trim, package, ship, research, manage finances, email, blog, store canvases and supplies, and do pretty much everything else related to my business in there. In order to make it work for me, I really had to think about how my space is going to accommodate all these different activities.

Beyond the functionality, I also had to consider what kind of "canvas" I wanted my work space to be - lots of bright colors for inspiration or more of a neutral backdrop to counteract all the color in my work? A visually stimulating space or something more calming?

The best place for me to start on these somewhat overwhelming projects is with a mood board - a super-simple visual representation of how I want the space to look and feel. The mood board doesn't address all the space planning challenges or even the specific workspace needs that I'll have to consider, but it's a really great way to start thinking about the atmosphere of the space.

After digging through inspiration imagery and thinking about how I want to feel when I'm working in my studio, I came up with some really simple guiding principles and a visual expression of them (see the mood board above). My ideal studio would be bright and clean, simple and functional with A LOT of whitespace - both for visual and mental calming - and a few bright pops of color for cheer. I'm beyond excited about putting this plan into action and want to have it completely finished by the end of the moth.

What do you guys think? Would you want to work in a space like this?

{ all photo sources can be found on this Pinterest board and this one too }