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Inspiration can come from anywhere, right? I remember watching Trading Spaces on TLC back in the day (anyone else miss that show?), and one of the designers decided to take inspiration from a piece of food. If I remember right it was an artichoke. I recall thinking that this designer was a total genius for creating her color palette from a vegetable, and from that point on knew I was a design junkie. I also became slightly crazy by creating my own color palettes every time I encountered a fruit or vegetable. (The over-ripe banana room would make you shudder.)

Since I'm not a total genius like that Trading Spaces designer, I managed to find and hold onto inspiration in a more traditional way. I've been keeping my "inspiration files" for years now. It's a collection of pages torn from magazines or images dragged onto my desktop and it serves as a place for me to hold onto all the beautiful things I see that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I have one file set up for fashion inspiration, and another for home inspiration. I won't bore you with my subcategories, but just know they exist and they are extensive.

I don't look at my files every day. I really only dig into them when I'm feeling uninspired. When I have the itch to go on a shopping spree for new clothes when I know full well that I have a closet filled with perfectly good outfits just waiting to be discovered. When I look down our hallway and see only empty space and blank walls - plus the clutter at the entryway - staring back at me. I love that I can look back and either adore what I pulled or have that embarrassing "what was I thinking?" moment when I see images that are just so...not me.

As I work on new paintings for the Senn & Sons Etsy shop, I might have to go back to basics and start drawing color inspiration from food. Or maybe even cocktails. A little bit of olive green, pimento orange and cocktail shaker gray...dirty martini anyone?

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