Swedish Week: An Imaginary Trip to Stockholm.

Swedish Midsummer is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate it than to feature a few fabulous Swedish treats here on the blog. Now, I'm not Swedish, but I do have many Swedish friends and have actually celebrated Midsummer with a few of them on a beach in the south of France with cocktails, gravlax, meatballs and a DJ. This is not a fantasy of mine, but an ACTUAL REAL LIFE memory. In fact, my husband and I were the only people at the party who didn't speak Swedish, but our friends kindly told the host about this and his speech was given in English so we could understand it too. Who does that? Only a Swede, because they are that freakin' hospitable.

To launch Swedish week, I thought about this hospitality and how wonderful it would be to visit Sweden. At one point while living in London, the hubs and I booked a trip to Stockholm on one  of the airlines that sold tickets for mere pennies. Work got in the way and we canceled the trip, which I regret to this day. But I still dream about one day heading there and staying in one of these amazing apartments I found on airbnb.com.

Maybe I'd choose one of these, which feature the bread and butter of Scandinavian design - airy with white on white on more white...

(Room one, two, three, four)

...or these, which cleverly infuse optimistic colors throughout...

(Room one, two, three, four, five, six)

...or even these, with whimsical wallpaper bringing cheeriness to the rooms.

(Room one, two)

For now I'll just dream about all the amazing places we could stay, but maybe by the end of this week I'll have convinced myself that it's time to book another trip. Watch for more Swedish love this week.

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