Senn & Sons // hey, thanks Today I want to take a moment to thank YOU. You are one of the many people surrounding me who support this crazy little idea I've been working on for the past couple of years. We might be family, we might be friends, we may have worked together, you might have some Senn &  Sons artwork in your home,  or you might just be here because you clicked on something on Pinterest and have no idea why it sent you here. However you got here, I'm damn glad you did.

It's *you* who has kept me going as a micro-business owner and maker-of-things. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate every bit of encouragement and support, every piece of advice or shared idea, each "like" or comment, every order that comes in through the shop. Every little bit helps keep me working hard and figuring it all out. (Oh yeah, I don't even come close to having it all figured out.)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Thanks, thank you and more thanks.

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