Type A-Minus.

I have a confession to make. I'm pretty sure all the stuff in this corner of my bedroom will be here for as long as my family lives in this home.

Not because I want it there. Not because that stuff doesn't belong somewhere else. Not because it looks good ('cause it certainly doesn't). But because I'm Type A-minus.

I do a lot that could classify me as Type A - I am typically pretty organized, make detailed lists, use spreadsheets and have a general desire for tidiness - but for some reason I am able to just look right past this terrifying pile of stuff every single day. A true Type A person couldn't do that, I'm afraid. The super-organized, over-achieving, unpack-your-bag-as-soon-as-you're-home-from-the-airport Type A people have probably never seen a pile of stuff like this one, have you? Or do you have a secret drawer/closet/corner/room that gets to be a little disheveled and disorganized? I like to think that everyone has a little Corner of Doom, even if it's just to make me feel a little better about my own.

I know something has to be done about this area of the bedroom - it would be a shame to let that extra bit of square footage go to waste. Assuming that someday I figure out what to do with all the stuff, perhaps I'll create a little dressing area (that mirrored door leads to a small walk-in closet) or a reading nook with bookshelves or a combo of the two. But for now I've sort of just embraced my Type A-minus label and accepted that pile, including a cardboard box that I have been meaning to unpack for nearly eight months, will always be there.