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Skyline600 It was 6 degrees outside today. SIX. Degrees. Fahrenheit. It's not the coldest day I've ever experienced, but it's definitely the coldest I've experienced in the last, say, decade. Moving from San Francisco to Minneapolis isn't an easy decision, nor is it one that everyone completely understands. Hell, on a day that doesn't get warmer than six degrees outside, even I question it. But if you talk to people in Minneapolis, they'll tell you a thousand reasons why it's awesome here. If you can make it through the (long, often very long) winters, you will be handsomely rewarded by this energetic city. Food, beer, art, culture, lakes, SUMMERTIME! Cousins, aunts, uncles and best of all, grandparents. Loads of them, and even an amazing great-grandma for good measure.

As I sort of mentioned in my Christmas post a couple of weeks ago, I (along with Marty and the boys, of couse) made a huge move and now call Minnesota "home." Marty started a great new job and I've been spending a lot of time learning about what this town has to offer kids and moms, along with doing all the other stuff that goes along with moving. It's good. We're having fun. We're getting settled.

That said, please bear with me as my family makes this transition. We're still in a temporary apartment and don't have access to our "stuff" yet, so my ability to take on commissions will be delayed until I have workspace and childcare sorted out, my print orders might take an extra day to get shipped, my email responses will be a bit slower, my blog posts will be short or absent and so on. But that's all temporary. Eventually I'll be able to get back into the swing of things and I'll get some new things in the shop and have more projects to share. For now, I'm calling every day the boys and I come home without frostbite a success.


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