The Nerves.

Today is Launch Day. The official “Friends & Family” launch day. The fabulous day where I get to share the work I've been doing for the past many many months and just *hope* that my peeps like it and want to tell others about it.

You know on The Bachelor (What? Don't act like you don't watch it too.), when the girls get booted and they're doing their tearful exit interviews in the limo returning them to their oh-so-boring-unglamourous REAL LIFE, and they all say something like "I really put myself out there and he just broke my heart." Well, I think to myself, just because you put yourself "out there" doesn't mean everyone, including that particular bachelor, is going to love what they see. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for the rejects and can't believe they'd ever put themselves through this on national television, but isn't that precisely the point of the show? (Besides getting your 15 minutes of fame, of course.)

Well, today I'm putting myself out there. Damn, that's scary. The stuff I spend my precious few hours of free time a week working on could be criticized, made fun of, or even worse...ignored. I do know that my friends and family are kind people. Supportive people. And that they are literally the only reason I had the cojones to start Senn & Sons. So I'm not worried about their judgement so much, but eventually - if I do things right - someone who doesn't know me personally will get a hold of my paintings and say something unflattering about them. And that's okay. Because just because one bachelor, ahem, Etsy shopper/blogger/random a-hole doesn't love what I've made, doesn't make what I'm doing any less exciting for me.

I hope you keep reading, and watching for more paintings to be posted, and perhaps even enjoying looking at them. And every now and then I'll post a gratuitous photo of the kid so you have a real reason to visit the site.

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