The Ones That Got Away.

I was in NYC over the weekend (away from my little guy for longer than a few hours for the first time EVER, but that's another story for another time), and I had a chance to visit the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. I love flea markets, and if asked, could very easily explain how flea-ing is a sort of sport. The Brooklyn Flea tends to take a little bit of the sport out of flea-ing, though, since it's so well-curated - every corner I turned revealed another treasure that I would have taken home with me had the item fit in my carry-on. It's sort of small, manageable and stocked with amazing treats for hungry tummies and searching eyes. But I've been having that know, the one that you have when you pass something up and then you can't stop thinking about it? That one. There's one thing I saw at the flea market that just won't let me forget about it. A pair of nesting brass and glass side tables. The price on the ticket said $165 for the pair, and for these beauties I'm not even sure if I would have tried to negotiate that price down. I thought about how I could safely get them back to San Francisco for a reasonable price, but just couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't cost almost as much as the tables themselves. So I walked away, hoping to forget about them, with only a sad little iPhone picture to remind me of them.

Naturally, I was able to wash away my grief about having to give those tables up with a fresh shave ice and more eye candy from greeting card designer little bunny.

Maybe that's all part of the "sport" of flea-ing. I didn't take the shot this time, and I can now only hope that someone passes me the ball again so I get another chance. (And maybe next time they'll pass me the ball a little closer to home, ya know?)