The Pinterest Challenge is Back.

Gotta love it when someone issues a challenge that gets you back in project mode. This round of the Pinterest Challenge came at just the right time - I've been so focused lately on paintings and proposals for clients, I definitely needed a mental break. (Even if it was just for a couple of hours.) The Pinterest Challenge, for those of you who didn't catch it the first time around, was created by a few bloggers who thought it would be fun to challenge themselves to create something from the many things they've "pinned." I'm a massive Pinterest fan(atic?) and can't resist a challenge. Last time around, I managed to finish a couple of projects. The first, a new system for storing my jewelry, and the second, some paint chip art for my gallery wall.

This time, I actually took on THREE projects, all really quick and easy!

I had a ton of chalkboard paint leftover from this project I did a few months ago, so I had to figure out a way to use more of it. After coming across these great inspiration photos, I knew I had the perfect project - totally useful, completely free, fast and easy to do.

Pins: here and hereSources: here and here

Adding a chalkboard to the inside of my pantry door would be the perfect way to keep track of things we're out of in the kitchen. The double doors on the left in the photo below open to my little pantry.

And here are the boring, totally useless insides of the doors. (You think I'd actually show you my disastrous pantry? Not a chance, people.)

Like I said, this project was as easy as they come. I just wiped the surfaces clean with warm water, used painters tape to outline the space I would be painting, layered four thin coats of paint onto the doors...

...and voilà. Chalkboard doors in the kitchen. I can keep track of things I've run out of, and as an added bonus, the little guy loves drawing on it too.

Check out my Pinterest boards here for more inspiration, and definitely stop by the blog tomorrow - I'll be sharing my second project which I love love love. It even got two thumbs up from the hubs!

If you guys have ever done a project inspired by something you pinned, drop me some photos or a link in the comments, I'd love to see!

Note, 11/7/11: Check out my gilded garbage can and lampshade makeover too!

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