Two Months To Go.

Since I announced that Senn & Sons is adding a son a while back, I haven't really mentioned much about this pregnancy. As my belly has been growing, my business has been changing and growing too, and that felt like the stuff I "should" be writing about here. Well, I never really cared much for what I "should" be doing, so here's a nice profile belly shot. Of all the things I've been doing lately, this is definitely the one thing I'm most excited about, and that deserves a mention here on the blog.

I'm due in just under two months and the reality of having a second child is just now starting to set in. Could be the frequent late night awakenings, insane nesting instincts or the constant wriggling and kicking happening inside my belly that finally put my awareness of what's happening at the forefront of my brain, but I also think that I'm starting to feel...ready. Scratch that, I'm not in any way ready for this little man to rock up yet, but I think that I've finally come to the realization that it's going to get REAL, real soon. I've put a bunch of "Get Ready for Baby" type things on my to-do list, and plan to tick them off one by one as the weeks go on. Perhaps by the time the wee one decides he's ready to hang out with us, we'll be ready for him too.

{Photo taken at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.}