What's Up Now, Martha?

Ever since I pulled off making my own flag bunting with minimal amounts of "colorful" language, my crafting confidence has totally skyrocketed. With my newfound boldness in the Martha Stewart department, I decided to make a few more party decorations with the help of the domestic diva herself. Head on over to Martha's Tutorial for full details on how to make your own tissue paper pom-poms, or have a look at my step by step process below.

All you need is some monofilament line (fishing line), either floral wire or picture wire, a scissors and a bunch of sheets of tissue paper.

First, I folded 8-10 sheets of tissue like an accordion.

Then I tied it off in the middle with a bit of wire.

Then I used my totally junky scissors to cut the ends into either a rounded edge or point. A nice set of scissors would have made the edges a heckuva lot nicer, but I did the best I could with what I had.

I didn't know where I'd be hanging each pom-pom yet, so I just threaded a nice long piece of monofilament line through the wire, giving myself a good amount of extra line.

I fanned out the accordion folded paper and began gently separating out each sheet of tissue.

After pulling all the sheets apart, a nice round pom-pom started to emerge. I fluffed it up as much as possible and then kept on going until I had about a dozen complete in red and turquoise.

Easy, right? When you have a bunch of them, they make a really huge impact. I bet it took me somewhere between 5-10 minutes per pom-pom to make, and I got faster with each one I completed. I'll post some more photos of the party next week so you can see these bad boys in action.


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