White Elephants.

I'm part of a cooking club that meets monthly, rotating hosts amongst the women who participate and each person bringing a new dish to sample. Some annual traditions have started to emerge in the three or four years I've been a part of the group, the most anticipated is always the December soirée that happens at home entirely decorated with Snow Village. It's like nothing I've ever seen and always gets everyone into the holiday mood. I have a feeling the January, post-holiday white elephant gift exchange that was started this year is going to be a yearly favorite for the crew too.

The gifts were all over the board, which is to be expected with this kind of gift exchange. We had everything from fun home goodies like picture frames and an adorable bird creamer set, to a hand-painted ceramic tile proclaiming "cats rule" and a kama sutra kit (naughty!). I brought some brass pumpkin candle holders as my white elephant gift and wrapped them in simple kraft paper and twine, then added a hand-stamped and painted gift tag.

The gift that I ultimately chose was wrapped in a paper Trader Joe's bag, which I loved and thought was hilarious. It's something that can be worn, so I'll reveal some photos of me in my white elephant prize tomorrow.