Wicked Garden.

I've lived in San Francisco for more than four years and I recently visited the incredible Conservatory of Flowers for the first time (what the heck took me so long?). The current featured exhibit is called Wicked Plants: Botanical Rogues & Assassins, and the concept is based on a book written by Amy Stewart. I can't say that I've visited many conservatories, but this seems like a really cool idea to me and I love that the exhibit actually tells a story through the plants. Pretty cool.

The folks at the Conservatory truly created a sinister mood through the graphic design of the signage and materials (done by local firm Public) along with the "interior" design with secret garden statues, rickety fences, gargoyles and rusted cages.

The exhibit also had incredible sound design. A phonograph sat playing an old vinyl record, while speakers near the cactuses emitted the sound of rattlesnakes so realistic I pulled the little guy ever so gently away from the display.

And who would I be if I didn't get just a little bit of interior design inspiration while I visited the exhibit? Aren't these displays just gorgeous? All those jars are filled with poisonous seeds and beans, yikes! But I could totally imagine shelves like this in my kitchen holding little jars filled with spices and (non-poisonous) dry beans.

I highly recommend making a visit to the SF Conservatory of Flowers while this exhibit is still running.

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