With a Little Help From a Friend: The Garden.

Our family moved into our condo in October last year, and have really only been down to our "yard" a handful of times. Usually to re-pot one of our (often dying) houseplants. It's actually quite a lovely space with a couple of fruit-bearing lemon trees, a bountiful herb garden and many other lovely things that I know nothing about. It's also really disorganized and overgrown, with weeds in every corner, dirt areas where there should be grass or ground cover, and an overabundance of terracotta pots filled with potentially viable flowers and vegetables.

There's no grill. No table and chairs. No place to gather and have some fun. My vision for the backyard space is still in development, and that's where I need "a little help from a friend." I know NOTHING about gardening. I have killed nearly every plant I've ever owned (it's a damn miracle I have a child who's survived to be 16 months old, and I'm happy to say that the ability to keep a houseplant alive bears absolutely no relation to one's ability to raise a child.)

However, I have a friend who has recently taken a yard filled with overgrown weeds and brush from completely unusable to downright lovely in a matter of weeks with a little elbow grease and a budget of under a couple hundred bucks. You better believe that I asked her to come over IMMEDIATELY to help me with my own overgrown, but filled with incredible potential, backyard.

The project begins this week. We are facing a few weeks of warmth and sunshine, and May is a good month for planting. Like I said, I know nothing about gardening, so we're starting at square one. I have visions of a raised vegetable garden, a defined herb garden, some string/bulb lighting and a small area for a weekend grill-out. Nothing fancy, not a lot of change, but a huge clean-up and taking all those veggie starters in the terracotta pots and planting them in a new home.

And, as I promised, gratuitous photos of the child...relaxing on the rustic bench with lemons from our tree.

The plan is to get starting with...well, a plan. Perhaps my friend who's helping will share how she managed to take her own garden from drab to fab. And I'll document each step we take to my garden from overgrown to outrageous. I can tell that this is going to be good. And as soon as the summer weather turns cold and foggy, we'll be ready to host our first outdoor party.

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