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Hey, friends!

Senn & Sons is a creative studio founded by Kim Senn, an illustrator and designer passionate about colorful, hand-drawn prints and patterns. Specializing in creating surface and pattern designs, children’s products and paper goods, Kim finds inspiration in the small details of family life, the adventures that come with having energetic little boys, and the occasional quiet moments in between. (Who are we trying to fool, there aren’t any quiet moments around here.)


a little background

A lifelong creator, doodler and tinkerer originally from Wisconsin, Kim Senn spent her 20s roaming the world working in advertising, a career that took her from Minnesota to NYC, where she met her husband, then London and finally San Francisco, where her two sons were born. Shortly after her second son was born, Kim and her husband Marty settled in Minneapolis to return to their Midwestern roots and perfect their thick Minnesota accents.

With her relentless creative spirit not dampened by adulthood, Kim refocused her creative energy to painting the instant her first son started napping. Foregoing acceptance to graduate design programs at Parsons and FIDM to attempt a path of creative entrepreneurship, she officially founded Senn & Sons in San Francisco in 2011. After finding a supportive audience for her original art, fine art prints, personalized wall hangings and baby products, Kim began partnering with larger companies to share her original designs with a broader audience. Her first partnership was with Blue Sky to bring a line of planners and calendars to Target stores nationwide and they continue to create new, colorful collections of colorful products for Target and other major retailers across the country.

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other (notable?) things

  • Those two little guys are the "Sons" of Senn & Sons. They are completely insane and very untidy, but wonderful little treasures of humanity who keep me on my toes. Momming is the hardest.
  • I thought I was going to be a lawyer and loved all my undergrad pre-law classes. But I don't like arguing, so I abandoned the pursuit of law school and majored in journalism instead.
  • I took a career personality test in 8th grade with results that were both disturbing and prophetic. The three recommended occupations suggested were Taxidermist, Clown and Advertising Executive. I actually pursued one of them (hopefully you can guess which one).
  • My past life includes a lot of time spent singing and dancing in front of large crowds of people. I have performed at Disney World, on a Carnival cruise ship and on the 50-yard line of Lambeau Field.
  • My time spent working in advertising produced some of my most precious, lifelong relationships, including the one with my husband. (We met working together in NYC!)
  • I'm an extroverted introvert, Myers-Briggs INFP, Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp. Do with that what you will.
  • A Tarot card reading predicted the birth of my first son.